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i just watched uchuu kyoudai (space brothers) and akunin (villain)
because i am currently obsessed with okada masaki

and yappari, i only like very feeeewwww japanese movies. i hate the super slow pace, and unclear conflict.
akunin was so boriiiingggggg. and i don't get how they fell in love that quickly. and did the grandma got anything?
uchuu kyoudai is actually kinda fun. oguri shun is funny and great. but i was hoping to watch okada masaki, so that was sorta a letdown. oguri is the only good thing, because i don't understand the importance of the conflict. so the climax didn't wow me at all either. and there wasn't any resolution! at least not spelled out clearly....they just left him in danger and then time jump and narration that he made it.

i don't enjoy ambiguity, vagueness in movies. hate them, even
yes i'm being a lazy audience who doesn't want to engage her brain
why does okada's more fun movies are few

and someone on my TL is 1000% irritable right now and i might have phrased a few thing wrongly. i don't think i said anything offensive but she's irritable and sick and is annoyed at me right now. ugh. just means i gotta avoid twitter, but it's kinda hard, my hands are always itching to open twitter

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