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Boku to Star no 99 Nichi

About a very famous and beautiful Korean actress who’s filming a drama in Japan. During that time, she falls in love with her very caring bodyguard.Spoiler ahead.

This was mostly good drama. There were parts of the story that just make me roll my eyes, but I enjoyed it overall. The bodyguard guy is funny when he complains all the time (and he’s very handsome XD) and fulfilling the actress’ orders. The comedic parts amuse me a lot too. The progress of the romance was cute and felt unforced too. Very gradual, it felt natural. But when the romance was realized, the writers did not handle it well, imo. It was quite a mess, storyline-wise, from episode 8 onwards. I fast forwarded most of the side stories. 

I started watching because of Nishijima Hidetoshi, but towards the end when the problem became “love between a famous person and common person” I couldn’t help but think about the upcoming Papa wa Idol. I watched Mukodono years ago, so I don’t remember how it ended or if I was satisfied. The later episodes’ storywriting was just all over the place, about overcoming the status difference. And it made me worry about Papa wa Idol, because it’s just too easy to become so cliched and make you go WTF?!! in resolving that conflict. In this drama, it took a while for the characters to become in love with each other and in Papa wa Idol the premise would be that they’re already married, so they’re not the same but, in 99 Nichi, once they acknowledge the love, problems arise. That’s to be expected but how the resolution went about just about makes this a not so enjoyable drama, while the first 7 eps are good and fun. First a paparazzi caught them kissing, then the famous actress push away the guy so that he won’t be harassed by the media. Then a force staged-kissing for PR (with another actor). But at the press con the actress just can’t lie and says she’s gonna quit acting after the drama and admits the love with the bodyguard. Then since the management is angry, she moved out of her hotel and got a humble apartment. This is when the bodyguard realizes she’s a star, can’t live like just anybody, and she’s too good in acting to quit. Both of them realizes their dynamic is a little awkward now, unlike when they were star and her bodyguard. So the bodyguard talks to the press, answers their questions and announces that once the drama filming is done (the 99 day period) their romance is over. Of course they stick together in the end anyway. 

My main gripe was that it’s soooo roundabout. And cliched imo. The scenes were not badly acted at all but I fast forwarded most of the crying/separating parts. It’s probably inevitable but I’m hoping Papa wa Idol won’t be very cliched. Another thing that annoyed me was the earlier episodes had plenty of the signature strings ballad of Korean dramas. Like, the scenes aren’t even that sad. I don’t know if I got used to it during the later episodes or they reduced it. 



Usually it's nothing very major, but it is wrong. Wrong enough that I can tell. (I'm not that fluent either)

Only the veteran subbers have it correct 100% of the time.

Damn. I pity those who can't tell whether it's correct or wrong.

However, I don't watch that many dramas either, so maybe this pool of incorrect subbers could be very little, I just happen to watch a lot of mistake-ridden ones.



jdramas, JE Index, dozchan, lilyrh....

DOU SHIYOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?????!!!!!!!!!!

K8 on Oricon

FIGHT                                        #21

Johnny's wise FIGHT is 3rd, only behind Arashi and SMAP, so VERY GOOD~~~!!!!

T.W.L/Yellow Pansy Street    #19
MY HOME                        
Tsubusa ni Koi                   
365 Nichi Kazoku               

HSJ beat eito! >.<
Over is #15.......... dang
I thought they flop sales wise. Apparently not

funny how the lower three are so close to each other

Music DVD ranking is not out yet I think.


2012~ 8周年 もっともっと行けるでしょう!


Single ranking FIRST through FIFTH is them.
Just wow. This total domination hanpa nai zo

I really really want to know how long this is gonna last. Because this domineering thing is just craaazyyyy. The gap between their sales and other artists' sales is just too mind boggling.
I don't hate them or anything, but just a little concerned over their unbelievable domination....
Arashi started dominating in 2008 and still going strong now.... So since AKB started domination in 2010, by next next year they'll still be everywhere...
Oh dear...
When arashi boom started I was felt like this too,just a bit tho, bc worried bout k8. Turns out their partnership has been very beneficial

I kinda like ooshima yuko, but maeda atsuko is just OVEREXPOSURE to the max... And what annoys me most is that she's not that pretty but keep getting labeled most beautiful and whatnot just bc she's the most prominent akb member

My FIGHT RE Got Stolen..........

So I was just in the movies with friends, watching "Hugo". Excellent movie.

When I got back to my car, the front passenger seat was open.
My friend's school bag was stolen.
Somehow my Garmin GPS was still there. (It wasn't placed prominently, and an older model)

My friend lost a lot of stuff. Her ipod, her notebooks (thankfully no textbook), her diploma and immigration document, 
Completely by chance, since she obviously does not carry her diploma and immigration document everywhere.

DAAAMMMMIIITTTTTTT is all I can say. And it's my fault. I'm about 90% sure I forgot to lock the doors. Fuck. 
I'm so sorry Maria.........

My stuff that got taken: Car manuals, and the FIGHT RE. These were all in the glove compartment.
I haven't even freaking opened the baseball cards!!!!!
The disc 2 with unit songs were in the cd player, but the case, the photobook, baseball cards, and disc 2 are gone now.

Lesson learned.
Be more vigilant about locking cars and leaving stuff visible in cars.
Waaiihhhh the same thing, although at least everybody got individual shot.
Order is like this Tama+Taipi+Kitamitsu > Senga+Nikaido > Miyata+Yokoo
And I realized that not everybody has lines :D

well well, maybe only Kita and Fujigaya can sing? Really?

really, since when did Tama get that tough-guy, bad-boy look?
He was cute, like puppy-dog cute!!

But the skating is sooo great!!!
very nice song too. It makes a great debut song
And the blatant focus on ONLY THREE OF THEM was shocking!!! And puzzling!
WHAAATTT is going on?

The last time I saw Kisumai was maybe in 2009 or so? When I still watch Shounen Club from time to time?
Not sure, but however, I kinda know the seven faces. And I kinda like Miyata, he's good looking, haha.
And I know Senga, Nikaido, Kitayama, and Fujigaya. Oh and Tamamori.
And from reading en-chan's tweets. 

oh man the PV.....(we never give up)
the camera was ALWAYS on Kitamitsu, Fujigaya, and Tamamori only!!! 
Seriously I never even catch the faces of Yokoo and Senga. I got a glimpse each of Nikaido and Miyata.
How could the camera time be so disparate??? Geez.....the 4 were always at the back, and smaller. Individual shots are on each of the 3 only.
Oh, btw, I didn't recognize Tamamori! Only by eliminating the faces I know I figured that he was Tama! what's with the height and the black hair!
I remebered him as baby-faced, a little round-faced, blonde person! And kinda short?
Damn kisumai has changed? 

I just kept thinking, I wanna see the other 4, but they were never on screen! Absolutely never~~~

But the dancing is awesome! 
TOTAL IN-SYNCH! yaaayyyy! And cool moves too
And roller skating whuuuttttt~~~so smooth!
banzai kisumai!!

Man, are the other 4 always treated like this? I hope camera focus will become more equal in the future...

Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 201111251445

It's Nishikido.
Sorry for being late.
It's done. The Sapporo performance.
We practiced many things in rehearsal and we performed, how do you think?
If you were able to enjoy it, it's an honor for us.
It was a first-day-like performance, both in the good and bad meaning.
The next, Fukuoka, Nagoya, while fixing things quickly, we'd like to give a good performance.

Everyone please look forward to it.

Ryo's was a day late. So en-san didn't translate it. If she does, hers would be better definitely 8D.
But I was reading and there were kanjis I had to look up so why not write it down I thought.


FIGHT is out today!! 11/16

I think my copy arrives tomorrow.
But I couldn't wait and have dled the album and the DVDs. I've watched most, but not all.

I already like all the singles, and the songs pushed forward for the album, Monjai Beat and Fight for the Eight, LOVE these 2 very very much!!!!
I want to sing along every time I listen to Monjai Beat 8D And jump
Fight for the Eight is a nice cool number, I wish the PV is even more edgy. Haha
But happy to see Ryo's hair to be so styled, and a little bit of eye makeup too.
Gah the NSKD is so handsome.................


Anyways.....can't wait to read lyrics, and see the booklets and stuff

EITO!!! IPPATSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!