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Zenkai Girl

ryo at onmyouya crank up (wrap up)

look at him!!!!!!!
all smiles! and hugging and lifting the ladies!!!! 8D
and the great round, perfectly blow dried hair!
and grinning all the way! :D
Zenkai Girl
i just watched uchuu kyoudai (space brothers) and akunin (villain)
because i am currently obsessed with okada masaki

and yappari, i only like very feeeewwww japanese movies. i hate the super slow pace, and unclear conflict.
akunin was so boriiiingggggg. and i don't get how they fell in love that quickly. and did the grandma got anything?
uchuu kyoudai is actually kinda fun. oguri shun is funny and great. but i was hoping to watch okada masaki, so that was sorta a letdown. oguri is the only good thing, because i don't understand the importance of the conflict. so the climax didn't wow me at all either. and there wasn't any resolution! at least not spelled out clearly....they just left him in danger and then time jump and narration that he made it.

i don't enjoy ambiguity, vagueness in movies. hate them, even
yes i'm being a lazy audience who doesn't want to engage her brain
why does okada's more fun movies are few

and someone on my TL is 1000% irritable right now and i might have phrased a few thing wrongly. i don't think i said anything offensive but she's irritable and sick and is annoyed at me right now. ugh. just means i gotta avoid twitter, but it's kinda hard, my hands are always itching to open twitter

Nov. 25th, 2013

Zenkai Girl
note to self: don't discuss about skipping class on my very public twitter..............OTL

on another note, why is my LJ in japanese now
i deleted cookies the other day and i think since then it turned out this way

Pupus- Dewa, English translation

Zenkai Girl
I just heard this song (LIVE! XD) repeatedly last weekend during Thanksgiving dinner between Indonesians.
I was reminded at how great (and popular) this song is. Here's a video 
It's really a great song, by one of Indonesia's best bands. Or at least they used to be.

Pupus - Gone

I can't understand what I'm feeling
A never before longing that is so great
I love you more than you know
Even if you would never know

I present my life for you
I've given up my heart for you
But you still keep silent, not a single word
And deep in my heart, I hear

Just now, I realized
My love is an unrequited love
You completely crush my entire heart

I pray that time will move the frozen side of your heart
I pray that a miracle will appear, that you will come to me

I love you more than you know
Even if you would never know

I just realized
My love is unrequited
You crush my whole heart

I just realized
My love is one-sided
You crush my whole heart

I just figured out
My love is one-sided
You turn my entire heart into pieces

My entire heart...

hmmm, didn't realize the lyrics were this simple. Still, such a powerful song. My middle school/high school heart loves this song very much


Zenkai Girl
Transcribed, romanized, and my take on translating it. Feel free to point out mistakes and/or differing opinions :)
This amazing, feelings invoking song, gotta share 8D
*i think the title is Ryuhei-kun, i may be imagining things*

作曲 作詞: 錦戸亮 - music and words: Nishikido Ryo

いつも元気な隆平 今日も笑うよニコニコ
itsumo genki na Ryuuhei kyou mo warau yo niko niko
Ryuhei who's always energetic is laughing again today, all smiley
愛すべき僕らのムードメーカー 笑顔作るよ1個2個
ai subeki bokura no muudomeekaa egao tsukuru yo ikko niko
Our beloved moodmaker, he makes one, two smiles
二日酔いの朝一も 眠り誘う深夜でも
futsukayoi no asa ichi mo nemuri sasou shinya de mo
Even first thing in the morning on hungover days, even late at night when sleep is calling
basho mo jikan mo erabanai kimi wo muishiki ni boku wa erandeta
I unconsciously choose the you who just don't pick place nor time

kinou to onaji kimi wo warawasetekureru kimi wo
Just like the you yesterday, you make me laugh
motomesugite shimau kara
I end up asking too much
無理をさせてる瞬間に気付けず ほんとごめんね。
muri wo saseteru toki ni kidzukezu honto gomenne
For not realizing when I make you push yourself too hard, I'm really sorry

jibun katte na boku dakara sore demo kimi wo sagasu yo
Because this is the selfish me. Even so I search for you
kyou wa boku ga kimi wo warawaseru
Today, I am going to make you laugh
隆平くんは ドコドコ?
Ryuuhei-kun wa doko doko?
Ryuhei-kun, just where are you?

いつも元気な隆平 明日も笑うよずっときっと
itsumo genki na Ryuuhei asu mo warau you zutto kitto
The always energetic Ryuhei, I'm sure you'll be all laughs again tomorrow
ai subeki bokura no muudomeekaa
Our beloved moodmaker
egao tsukuru yo ikko niko
Make one, two smiles
egao tsukuru yo jukko hyakko
Make ten, one hundred smiles
笑顔作るよ もっと もっと
egao tsukuru yo motto motto
Keep on making smiles more and more


May. 13th, 2012

Zenkai Girl
it's really pathetic but, the most contact with people I have is on Twitter. hahahahahaha

which means, I'm really not seeing anybody. just holed up in my room


it's bad, but i really don't wanna do anything else. dou shiyou.


Zenkai Girl
So since I've been avoiding spoiler like the plague, Tumblr has become pretty much useless now.

Also, HMV's post should get here on Thursday afternoon. I JUST CAN'T WAIT.

All I've allowed myself is comments by paaaaan on twitter.

But I'm leaving for NYC on Sat morning to watch Laruku. And I'm not taking those precious dvds on a plane. Won't have time to watch anyway.

I should be able to finish watching before leaving but BOY OH BOY it's like >7 hours!!!!

4 discs!!!!

Like, why didn't TEICHIKU put all these bonuses before???? Just put in the MC (all of them) and I'll be like super happy.
This tour was mid Nov-31 Dec, and this DVD completed production by the end of February.

Mar. 11th, 2012

Zenkai Girl
is LJ the only place where I can post this kinda stuff. Twitter, Tumblr, or facebook is too embarassing right?

I don't get the pains regularly, i'm thankful for that. but seriously, RN i just wanna go to bed.

Fuck My Lazy Ass

Zenkai Girl
Fuck. I totally forgot a meeting this morning. 
I could've done THINGS.........................

Boku to Star no 99 Nichi

Zenkai Girl

About a very famous and beautiful Korean actress who’s filming a drama in Japan. During that time, she falls in love with her very caring bodyguard.Spoiler ahead.

This was mostly good drama. There were parts of the story that just make me roll my eyes, but I enjoyed it overall. The bodyguard guy is funny when he complains all the time (and he’s very handsome XD) and fulfilling the actress’ orders. The comedic parts amuse me a lot too. The progress of the romance was cute and felt unforced too. Very gradual, it felt natural. But when the romance was realized, the writers did not handle it well, imo. It was quite a mess, storyline-wise, from episode 8 onwards. I fast forwarded most of the side stories. 

I started watching because of Nishijima Hidetoshi, but towards the end when the problem became “love between a famous person and common person” I couldn’t help but think about the upcoming Papa wa Idol. I watched Mukodono years ago, so I don’t remember how it ended or if I was satisfied. The later episodes’ storywriting was just all over the place, about overcoming the status difference. And it made me worry about Papa wa Idol, because it’s just too easy to become so cliched and make you go WTF?!! in resolving that conflict. In this drama, it took a while for the characters to become in love with each other and in Papa wa Idol the premise would be that they’re already married, so they’re not the same but, in 99 Nichi, once they acknowledge the love, problems arise. That’s to be expected but how the resolution went about just about makes this a not so enjoyable drama, while the first 7 eps are good and fun. First a paparazzi caught them kissing, then the famous actress push away the guy so that he won’t be harassed by the media. Then a force staged-kissing for PR (with another actor). But at the press con the actress just can’t lie and says she’s gonna quit acting after the drama and admits the love with the bodyguard. Then since the management is angry, she moved out of her hotel and got a humble apartment. This is when the bodyguard realizes she’s a star, can’t live like just anybody, and she’s too good in acting to quit. Both of them realizes their dynamic is a little awkward now, unlike when they were star and her bodyguard. So the bodyguard talks to the press, answers their questions and announces that once the drama filming is done (the 99 day period) their romance is over. Of course they stick together in the end anyway. 

My main gripe was that it’s soooo roundabout. And cliched imo. The scenes were not badly acted at all but I fast forwarded most of the crying/separating parts. It’s probably inevitable but I’m hoping Papa wa Idol won’t be very cliched. Another thing that annoyed me was the earlier episodes had plenty of the signature strings ballad of Korean dramas. Like, the scenes aren’t even that sad. I don’t know if I got used to it during the later episodes or they reduced it.